Boynton Mennonite Church Leadership

Pastor: Content coming soon!
"Buddy" is fulfilling the Pastor's personal and social media appearances and obligations while we pray and follow God's leading on selecting the leader that God feels Boynton needs! "Buddy" is vertically challenged, but that does nothing to hinder his ability in regards to sharing the Good News about Christ! He loves to preach the truth, which is Jesus Loves You!
Worship Coordinator
Jason Birkey
Jason grew up in the church and became a member of Boynton while in high school. In 2009 he joined the staff as the worship coordinator.  In January of 2016, Jason enrolled in Lincoln Christian University in pursuit of a BA in Christian Ministry. He resides in Hopedale with his wife Amanda and their three children.

2016 Boynton Mennonite Board   (*chairman of the board) 

Trustee                                               Spiritual Council    (Deacon & Deaconess')

Michael Milligan *                               Joshua Horning

Denzil Cain                                         Bev Egli

Wayne Cobb                                       Brian Reed

                                                            Melissa Slager
                                                            Carol Cain

                                                            Brian Litwiller
Beth Beachy                                        

Member at Large                              Treasurers

Teri Bissell                                          Linda Slager

                                                            Debbie Birkey